Yes. Viral Booth can print up to 6 photo strips per session with customized logos. Unlike traditional photo booths that offer 2 prints per session.
Yes.  If you wish, we can make sure that one photo strip is placed into a scrapbook that is customized with written messages from your guests.
What happens in the booth, stays in the booth…Well, until you post it on Facebook, Twitter, email, and/or text message.
Your guests will be able take photos and/or record video messages for you.  They have the option to print photo strips, and/or upload directly to their own Facebook, Twitter, email, and/or text message to any phone.
We can password-protect your gallery if you wish. All of your guests will be given the password. You may also give the password to your Facebook friends so they can view all of the photos and videos in real time.
Yes there are.  We work a lot of events in several parts of the country that you are able to check out.
Yes. At the end of the party, we will provide you with a flash drive with all of the photos and videos. Have fun!
Yes.  Every rental will have a fun and professional attendant who will interact with your guests and attend to the booth.
Of course.  We can always customize a package for you.
We would love for you to interact with our photo booths.  You can find us at many trade shows in our many locations.  Follow us on Facebook to find out when and where.  Or, you can call us and set a time to meet.
No, we do not store your passwords.  The software will automatically log you off once you post to Facebook/Twitter.
This is all part of the service.  We want to make sure that your guests don’t see us setting up or breaking down.  Our attendant will show up early to make sure.  We don’t like to break down before your last guest has left.  It looks pretty tacky when companies break down in front of your guests.
We put a lot of time and energy into reinventing the photo booth experience.  Let’s be honest, the photo booth hasn’t changed much in 60 years.  We see the same photo booths still in use by other companies.  Everyone in 2012 shares photos differently.  It is really fun for your guests.
A photographer is essential to capturing the main moments of your event such as the bride and groom cutting the cake or the birthday boy blowing out the candles. While he may capture most of the main moments, there are so many special intimate moments that he will miss. Our Instagram service allows every guest to be a photographer to capture all precious little memories that would otherwise be lost.
Absolutely, once you select your custom hashtag, we can get your service up in running in a matter of days. Contact us for more information.
A hashtag is a way of describing and categorizing the picture you have just taken. It consists of two parts: a prefix and the tag. The prefix is simply a pound sign, #, before your tag. Your tag will be the event name. For example for John and Tiffany’s wedding, your hashtag could look something like: #John&Tiffany. Everything with the exact same tag will show up in the same gallery of photos. This allows all photos of an event to be consolidated together.
When Viral Booth™ is contacted for its Instagram service, we will create a custom hashtag of your choice. We will then create a poster specific for your event advertising the corresponding hashtag. That way your guests will know exactly what to tag to help record memories of your special day.
Forever! Every time someone accesses your online gallery of photos, Instagram will pull all pictures hashtagged with your event name.